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Writing & Editing

For over twenty-five years we have been actively engaged in working with high-net-worth families.  We act as your financial advocate in every aspect of your life from banking to selecting investment advisors to coordinating your professional team in a cost-efficient manner.    Families from Fortune 50 to Russell 1000 owners, have chosen us to manage or start their single family office.  In addition, we provide special services for trusts, estates, legal coordination or any of the myriad situations that occur when you have too many projects and too little time.  Working with existing professionals or helping to establish a new team, we smoothly integrate into any situation, acting as liaison with family, staff, philanthropic projects or anyplace else where a public face needs personal attention.

In addition to administrative activities we also provide skilled writing, editing and presentation professionals.  Family histories, transactional documentation, proposals, presentations and project graphics are among the products provided.

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